The only solar system of its kindSpecialising in sectional title complexes and commercial properties.

Since 2019, we’ve been installing and managing solar battery systems.

The complexes and businesses only pay for the energy they use. That’s it. There are no hidden costs, no vague contracts, no risk.

Other complexes get 2-4 hours of backup power.

The complexes we manage can get up to 48 hours.

Why complexes?

We achieve economies of scale by adopting a large-scale solar system combined with an integrated battery solution. We create a managed mini-grid within the complex that operates independently from the municipality utility grid.

Each unit manages their own energy consumption, and we provide each house with their pro rata share of the battery system during an outage at night. This is separate to the allocation for the common areas.

Our system

The most sophisticated, AI-driven, integrated system.

We’ve developed a bespoke model with proprietary technology that offers all the benefits of energy security, cheaper solar electricity and reduced carbon footprint.

Our world-class infrastructure

We install the latest tier one solar technology on the rooftops within the complexes and businesses. These solar panels are used to generate the bulk of the power that they will use.

Large centralised battery banks are built to store the solar-generated power, providing the properties with the required off-grid capacity during power failures.

Not only does our system ensure no power disruptions, but we also incorporate satellite internet connections into our communications infrastructure to ensure that communications are uninterrupted.

As part of the system, we install security cameras throughout the complexes and businesses to monitor the equipment. These are remotely monitored from our control rooms 24/7. This also increases the general security of the property.

“Our store has not had one second without power since the system was installed. We’ve been saving R12,000 per day on diesel!”

Protea SUPERSPAR, Eastern Cape

How our system works

A one-of-its-kind solution

The solar and battery system generates power during the day, and can power the complexes and businesses, and charge the batteries.

Our system has the capacity to run off-grid indefinitely, using load rationing, dynamic active management and direct customer communications. This means your system will keep the complex or business powered through any load shedding, and can operate for several days and weeks off-grid.

To ensure that our clients get the full benefit of the battery system, load management equipment is installed on all geysers and water pumps.

Save clients money

Zero installation cost

Fully digitised management system

Maximise battery life

Pay only for what you use

Power usage controlled per unit

Solar + Battery + Grid = Say goodbye to load shedding

Cost of our system

Sectional title complexes

The solution we offer is a holistic approach as we only aim to replace your existing monthly municipal bill with the monthly cost of our system.


An integrated solar and battery solution helping to reduce your business’s monthly electricity bill, while providing seamless, always on power.

Experience no more interruptions to trading and manufacturing, protecting your electrical equipment, appliances and the cold chain.

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